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Providing expert support for construction problem resolution The Aerial Companies

Forensic Analysis of Building Failure

Using advanced investigative techniques, we accurately identify and document who or what caused your building's problem.

Construction Litigation Support

We provide expert analysis, best-in-class documentation, and 558 Notice and meeting support for your legal counsel.

Owner Representation

Our experts will coordinate your new construction or building repair project, start to finish, to help keep it on track and on budget


Forensic Analysis of Building Failure Projects

Poor workmanship, design defects, and product defects can all cause building problems. We identify the causes...Read More

Construction litigation support Projects

Legal counsel needs detailed well-organized support documentation. We provide excellent support...
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Owner Representation Projects

We coordinate construction and repair projects for homeowners. Learn about some of the projects we've handled...Read More

What We Do

We provide Florida building owners and their legal counsel critical support for resolving building problems

Forensic Analysis – When you need to get to the bottom of what is causing your building’s problem, we can help.  Our investigation, complete with photographs, documentation, bagged & tagged material evidence, and more … will clarify what happened to your building and what is needed to fix it.

Litigation Support – If your building dispute can not be resolved without going to litigation, our experts at Forensic Construction Consulting can help. In addition to providing documentation and construction expertise, we can provide 558 Notice and meeting support at the direction of your legal counsel.  We’ll also provide your counsel with photographic and written documentation, best-in-class visual and digital presentations, and reconstruction cost analysis.

Owners Representation – As owners reps, we can help you handle the complexities of your new construction or repair job. Sometimes construction projects get derailed or seem to start costing more than they should. We step in to investigate the situation. Working with all involved parties we take the necessary steps to help get the project back on track and completed correctly. We include you in all important matters so you can make educated decisions as to how you’d like to proceed with your project.